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Case Studies

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Sourcing opportunity assessment and process evaluation for a US-based ISP

A US-based ISP needed assistance to identify savings opportunities in sourcing and waned to eliminate bottlenecks. Applied Value identified and mitigated bottlenecks, and generated 13 MUSD in savings.


The rapidly expanding Internet Service Provider (ISP) was growing fast and focused on expanding without considering the cost implications. Applied Value was asked to identify saving opportunities within sourcing as well as potential bottlenecks in the delivery process to improve profitability and efficiency.


To identify savings potential in sourcing, a spend analysis was conducted to review and understand current spending. AV also conducted interviews with stakeholders and developed an RFQ to share with vendors to size and seize savings opportunities.


Applied Value created an action plan for savings realization and mitigation of identified bottlenecks. AV produced 13 MUSD in short-term savings through improvements in ways-of-working and streamlined procurement.

13 MUSD million USD

Identified savings

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