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We leverage our conscience, passion, and competencies to push the frontiers of social impact

As a company that works every day to help businesses around the world prosper, we understand our unique capability and responsibility in creating opportunity for those less fortunate. Our giving strategy follows the timeless wisdom of teaching a man to fish: we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to empower communities to achieve sustainable prosperity.

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Focus Areas

Our work directly contributes to 15 out of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

Applied Value fosters entrepreneurship and job creation in critical populations through professional and financial support for organizations focused on sustainable economic empowerment

Inclusive and Empowered Communities

Research confirms that societies with strong financial, social, and emotional inclusion demonstrate higher socio-economic profit. We help build inclusive, empowered societies by working with disenfranchised and vulnerable groups


Climate change hurts the vulnerable the most. The impacts of climate change could push an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030 and leave up to 143 million people as climate migrants by 2050 according to the World Bank


Technology plays a critical role in scaling and delivering poverty reduction programs in financial services, educational programs, and digital health tools in hard-to-reach areas

Photo 1 & 4: Georgina Goodwin | Hand in Hand International
Source: United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals

Social Impact Stories

Our team and our partners dedicate time and care to create real and lasting value

Photo: Georgina Goodwin | Hand in Hand International

Empowering women to beat the odds

Hand in Hand helps women beat the odds and succeed as entrepreneurs. The money the women earn and the confidence they gain changes everything where whole families and communities rise with them.

KRIS educational support helped Eva back into society

Eva, a lifestyle coordinator, was part of the first KRIS Lifestyle Coordinator program in 2009. Read her story on how the program and education transformed her life, and what the support from KRIS meant to her.

Human Care donates rollators to Mozambique

Human Care, a medical device company, and part of the Applied Value Group is well-known for their rollators. Read more about the new cooperation with the charitable organization Resources without Borders that will enable Human Care rollators to be donated to healthcare institutions in Mozambique.

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