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We draw on decades of experience to act as an active and focused owner

Unique Model

We leverage our consulting experience and Fortune 500 client network to maximize the performance of our investments. We apply the same hands-on principles that we use in our consulting practice to drive real, bottom-line improvement across the portfolio.

Our Differentiator

Operational Drive

Large investment firms primarily focus on financial value-add and have set divestment schedules and smaller outfits lack resources to drive real impact. We combine unparalleled operational firepower  with a personalized approach for a best-of-both approach 

Hands-on Partner

Our relationships with management are not restricted to high-level strategy or financing requirements. Our work spans throughout operations and is complimented by our ability to deploy specialized consulting resources for either line management positions or short-term projects

Financial Flexibility

We do not raise money from institutional investors, which allows us the flexibility to do what is best for each individual investment through bespoke, deal-by-deal structures. We have held investments from as few as two years to as many as seventeen years

Aligned Incentives

Our investment leads are personally invested in every portfolio company, aligning incentives with our management teams. From time to time, we invite our Fortune 500 network to invest together with us, which enhances the overall capabilities of our investing team

Investment Criteria

Room for Growth

We look for companies with significant growth or operational improvement potential. Our hands on approach works best when we acquire majority stakes in our portfolio companies

Mature Industries

We prefer manufacturing and business services, but we often export knowledge across industries, and we don’t shy away from any industry 


We are comfortable looking at negative profitability businesses with steady or growing revenue. A solid management team that’s willing to stick around is a big plus

Investment Group Overview

Along with current and former executives, Applied Value along forms an investment with knowledge, experience, and connections

Experienced Team

Executive Network

Extensive network of C-Level executives and advisors

Experienced Executives

Leadership positions at multiple Fortune 500 companies

Applied Value Group

Advisory role with 25+ CxOs

Established Investment Group

Successful Record

Current portfolio of 20+ companies, as well as 2k+ consulting engagements

No Institutional Capital

We put our money where our mouth is with significant % of net worth

Financial Flexibility

Experience with complex structures ensures flexibility for owners

Consulting Methodologies

Sales Growth

Our network of connections supplements traditional sales growth methodologies

Gross Margin Improvement

Extensive Fortune 500 experience with pricing and cost

Operational Efficiency

Experience with both fixed cost and working capital efficiency

Case Study

Successful Turnaround of a Steel Door Manufacturer

Applied Value increased EBITDA margins by 25 p.p. through lead time transformations

Get in touch

If you own a middle-market company looking for an experienced, resourceful partner that can help you take your business to the next level, we would love to have a conversation with you