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Gain invaluable experience in social impact strategy and operations

Give Back

Learn the ins-and-outs of high-impact philanthropy by supporting and exploring Applied Value Group’s strategic partnerships with global organizations. Consultants and dedicated social impact employees work directly with our social impact partners

Our guiding principles

Impact Oriented

We put proven, impactful solutions first, by supporting ideas at their very infancy 

Long term Vision

If an organization’s doors and books are open, we invest in the organization, not just a project or two 

Empowerment focused

We seek partners, not recipients. We provide catalytic partnership and engagement

Durable solutions

We support initiatives that empower people to help themselves based on their own skills and potential

At Applied Value Group we seek to attract outstanding individuals with intellect and compassion. We encourage all interested employees to engage with social issues by providing them opportunities to work directly with our partners to actively address global challenges

Explore How to Get Involved with our Social Impact Partners

Almas SHG group meeting and on-going BDS training in Sar-e-Asyab village of Chimtal district, Balkh province on May 9, 2017.
Photo: Georgina Goodwin | Hand in Hand International


Our Community Affairs Program supports organizations working to foster social, economic, and political integration within communities by targeting under-privileged groups

Financial Aid

We invest in sustainable initiatives that are guided by a long-term vision and focus on durable solutions. We strive to empower people to help themselves based on their own skills and potential

Visit of Ann Dickensen from Hand in Hand International to case study people in Rwanda who have begun and grown with CARE International initiatives and continue with Hand in Hand's support.
Photo: Georgina Goodwin | Hand in Hand International
Arusha visit


We focus on areas and partnerships where we apply our business knowledge to make a notable difference. We use our resources, networks and human capital to maximize our impact


We gather business leaders and philanthropists to shed light on the role of entrepreneurship in the fight against poverty by organizing events like the Let’s Give Back gala every year


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