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Mergers & Acquisitions

Opportunistic M&A in times of crisis – The heightened need for CDD & ODD

While it’s a well-known fact that most acquisitions fail, times of crisis present unique opportunities to acquire assets at low prices.


For many companies, COVID-19 has led to strategic and operational disruption and heightened uncertainty. Due to the unpredictable nature of the crisis, companies can no longer be judged according to prior standards. However, opportunistic investors can capitalize on this uncertainty by conducting stringent due diligence that assesses the commercial outlook of both industries and companies as well a operational capabilities.
This paper outlines Applied Value’s unique approach to Due Diligence that combines our Commercial Due Diligence process with operational insights to provide investors with comprehensive and objective assessments of market and competitive dynamics, strategic outlook and operational improvement levers for enhanced performance. This process becomes increasingly important during times of crisis as investors look to close opportunistic deals.

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