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Megatrends in a Post-COVID World

A grounded, data-driven exploration of true impact of the coronavirus.


Around the world, COVID-19 has transformed everyday ways of living. Societies globally have altered how they shop, gather, and work, trading in human interactions for digital ones and adopting new precautionary behaviors. As these short-term changes to society and the economy become more familiar, COVID-19’s long-term consequences remain unknown. While some believe the novel coronavirus may carry positive change for the planet, others fear the enduring social and economic repercussions.
Amidst this uncertainty, almost every company we have spoken with has expressed desire in gaining clarity on future predictions. One oft-repeated maxim is that the current crisis is simply accelerating trends that were already in place previously. In this paper, we have analyzed the three investment megatrends of urbanization, globalization, and digitalization that were in developing prior to COVID-19 in hopes of better assessing the pandemic’s likely long-term impacts.

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