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Human Care donates rollators to Mozambique

Human Care, a medical device company, and part of the Applied Value Group is well-known for their rollators. Read more about the new cooperation with the charitable organization Resources without Borders that will enable Human Care rollators to be donated to healthcare institutions in Mozambique.

Human Care, a medical device company, and part of the Applied Value Group is well-known for their rollators. This month they have begun a cooperation with the charitable organization Resources without Borders and have donated rollators that will be sent to Mozambique.

Resources without Borders is a Swedish organization that delivers donated medical aids and other resources to countries with greater needs. The organization arranges shipment and safe travel of goods, and make sure to deliver them to the right people and institutions, where they also supply knowledge and training in how to use all donated resources.

This cooperation is a part of the social responsibility program that Human Care have established, including several charities, all with the focus on delivering help to self-help.

“Simply donating products and funding is not the enough for us a medical device company. Through Resources without Borders we also get the possibility to share knowledge in how the products are used in a safe and efficient way. These rollators will go to healthcare institutions where the staff will be educated in the products, and thereby ensuring that they will have the best possible clinical benefits for the patients.” CMO Marcus Larsson says.

“Studies have shown multiple benefits of Walking Aids; supporting mobility in the older generation making them able to move safely in and out of their homes instils autonomy as well as increases self-confidence. Here in Sweden for instance, rollators are a common part of aiding the elder generation in staying active longer in society. And we are very glad to make an similar impact in places with limited possibilities, such as Mozambique, through our cooperation with Resources without Borders.” Marcus Larsson continues. 

Human Care’s first donation of rollators includes the models Carl-Oskar, Rebel and neXus.

About Human Care Group 
Human Care Group produces and provides walking aids, safe patient handling products, healthcare beds, medical equipment, and furniture. Since the foundation in Sweden in 1993, the company has continuously grown and are today a global company. Headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and in Turkey. With an extensive network of partners and distributors, the products are represented worldwide. The Human Care Group consists of the Human Care companies, Petermann and Kenmak.


About Resources without Borders 
Resources without Borders provide assistive technology to countries where this is rarely used. They also educate patients, and healthcare professionals in how to use assistive technology and how to pass the knowledge. The team also teach movement techniques, body awareness and physical activity. Resources without Borders is a religious and politically unobtrusive, non-profit, ideal association, based in Sweden. Help to self-help is the keyword. 

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About Applied Value Group
Applied Value operates as a global management consultancy, investment, and social impact group with decades of experience growing and transforming organizations through hands-on value creation. The unique three-pronged business model allows leverage on a owner-operator perspective when developing practical solutions for clients and to bring world-class consulting experience to creating tangible value for the portfolio companies. Applied Value dedicate time, expertise and resources to their social impact partners to foster sustainable social and economic empowerment where it is needed the most.