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Headcount management for a cutting-edge consumer electronics company

A client lacked fact-based tools for measuring and managing headcount. Applied Value created dynamic and user-friendly activity-based headcount models resulting in cost avoidance of 58 MUSD.


A cutting-edge consumer electronics company was growing quickly without the tools to manage accompanying headcount growth. The client needed an activity-based tool and an improved management process to accurately predict hiring needs and control growth. When Applied Value arrived, headcount requests were all ad-hoc and detached from team goals or measurable needs.


Applied Value performed a current state assessment of the teams’ structure and conducted workshops to define relevant and measurable workload drivers. We used workload drivers to guide forecasting and develop resource/work ratios that the client could use for dynamic and user-friendly activity-based headcount modeling. 

To ensure headcount models translated into hiring practices, Applied Value also designed and implemented a structured budget submission for transparent resourcing decisions.


Applied Value delivered a transparent and methodical budget submission process governed by activity-based resource models with workload data as inputs. The dynamic models and BI dashboards were used to facilitate quick scenario modelling to immediately inform budget requests. The company was also able to re-evaluate their product roadmap, resulting in a 60% headcount growth rate reduction (58 MUSD cost avoidance).

58 MUSD million USD

cost avoidance

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