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Case Studies

Sales, Marketing & Growth

Commercial performance and resource efficiency assessment for global construction and mining equipment manufacturer

The client wanted to evaluate their sales performance and efficiency for its US division. Applied Value delivered a detailed savings plan and implementation roadmap that generated 10 MUSD in full year cost savings.


A global construction and mining equipment manufacturer wanted to evaluate and improve their sales performance and efficiency. Applied Value was asked to identify levers to help improve the client’s sales and marketing function by capitalize on top-line opportunities and decreasing costs. 


Applied Value conducted a comprehensive review of headcount and external spend data to understand employee contributions measured against internal and external benchmarks. AV then performed scenario analyses to review financial impact, time-to-money, and the strategic importance of sales and marketing activity to produce a short-list of initiatives and risk assessments.


Applied Value delivered built a detailed implementation roadmap for improving the Sales and Marketing function that included activities, financial targets, savings opportunities, and timing strategies. AV also proposed a marketing operating model with new processes, roles & responsibilities, governance models, targets, and reduction plans for the US division. In total, the identified savings amounted to 10 MUSD.

10 MUSD million USD

cost savings

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