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Changing companies and lives through lean growth principles

Who We Are

Applied Value operates as a global management consultancy, investment, and social impact group with decades of experience growing and transforming organizations through hands-on value creation.

Our unique three-pronged business model allows us to leverage our owner-operator perspective when developing practical solutions for our clients and to bring world-class consulting experience to create tangible value for our portfolio companies.

We draw on our expertise and dedicate time and resources to our social impact partners to foster sustainable social and economic empowerment where it is needed most.

Our Business Areas

Applied Value Group is driven by a core value proposition: Lean Growth. Our fact-based approach creates measurable results and real value across all services by emphasizing core principles.

applied value group


Laser-focus lies at the heart of business excellence. We help firms distinguish and excel in their core capabilities while strategically harnessing outside partners to optimize resources


Reducing complexity and standardizing processes allows firms to grow with purpose. We simplify structures, procedures, and supply chains to build elegant and cost-effective solutions


From product development to supply chain management, speed enables our clients to meet customers’ needs ahead of their competitors. We drive agile and profitable growth that pushes firms to the front of the pack

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